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Fundamental Standards for Blood Collection and Transfusion - Portal

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The Fundamental Standards for Blood Collection and Transfusion (Fundamentals) can now be found in the AABB Standards Portal, the Association’s online home for the Standards for which AABB provides voluntary accreditation. The Portal version of the Fundamentals provides users online access to the edition online (cut) for free. The Portal version contains live links to cross-referenced standards, and offers the ability to print the Fundamentals at any time for offline review and work. The Fundamental Standards for Blood Collection and Transfusion provide a first step towards implementing a quality-systems based approach to blood banks and transfusion services. The Fundamentals are based on the quality system essentials that form the framework of all AABB Standards. In the coming months, a Quality Certificate Program based on the Fundamentals will be made available for facilities/programs outside of the United States in both English and Spanish. To participate in the Quality Certificate Program, interested facilities/programs will participate in a desk assessment of their policies, processes and procedures with an assigned AABB Specialist who will work with a representative of the facility/program to ensure conformance with the Fundamentals. Information on scheduling and pricing coming soon.

(AABB, 2018, digital, 79 pages)

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