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Individual Donor Assessment Training PART I: Foundational Course


This 30-minute training course is offered online as independent, self-paced study through AABB’s Education Platform.

The program’s goal is to prepare donor staff to address challenges that may arise as the blood community implements individual donor assessment (IDA). This training is intended for all donor-facing staff and those working in a blood collection facility who are interested in learning more about IDA and how to create an inclusive environment for all donors.

The program highlights include:

  • Navigating donor conversations with the use of sex-positive language and presenting best practices for addressing sensitive and personal topics.
  • Recognizing the impact of judgmental and biased language on donors and members of marginalized identity groups.
  • Understanding how appropriate sex-positive language and terminology contribute to a respectful, equitable experience for all donors.
  • Exploring techniques to handle emotional responses to tough conversations.
  • Ensuring all donors and potential donors have a positive experience at the blood collection facility, which will help to ensure donor retention.

After registering, each learner will receive automatic access to the program. Continuing education credit is not available for this training course.

IMPORTANT: This is Part I of a two-part course. If you are interested in registering for both courses please register for "Individual Donor Assessment Training Course Bundle."

Thank you to the following sponsors, who have provided generous support to AABB to create ongoing IDA education and resources:

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies

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