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Information Technology in Blood Banking and Transfusion Services Certificate Program - Individual Registration

Product Code: IT_CERT_IND

This certificate program is offered entirely online as independent, self-paced study through AABB’s Education Platform. After registering, each learner will receive immediate access to the program. Access is granted for 1 year from the date of registration. By registering for this program, the learner has reviewed all the program requirements.

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, it is essential that Information Technology (IT) professionals working at blood banks and transfusion medicine services understand the unique needs and challenges of the field. New and evolving regulatory requirements, changes to reimbursement, introduction of new technologies and products, data exchanges with electronic health record (EHR) systems and supply chain providers, and a growing reliance on data present IT professionals with an integral role to play in supporting their teams and ensuring patient safety and privacy. 

Whether you are just entering the workforce or already have experience, the AABB Information Technology in Blood Banking & Transfusion Services Certificate Program is designed to provide a solid foundation to understanding the blood banking and transfusion services field from the unique perspective of an IT professional.

Curriculum/Content Overview

The certificate program comprises 3 modules and select content from the AABB Blood Banking & Transfusion Medicine 101 eCast series:

  • Module 1: Overview of Blood Collection, Manufacturing, and Transfusion - designed to introduce IT professionals to blood banking concepts, practices, and regulatory governance.
  • Module 2: Blood Establishment Computer Software (BECS) - introduces the IT professional to Blood Establishment Computer Software (BECS), the Blood Establishment Computer System, and FDA requirements related to software use in a blood establishment.
  • Module 3: Regulating and Accrediting Authorities in Blood Banking - introduces IT personnel to regulators and accrediting organizations. While it is not possible to include all organizations, this module includes information regarding authorities with the greatest influence on blood banking policies and practices.
  • AABB Blood Banking & Transfusion Medicine 101 eCast series: Selected Sessions
    To provide a basic understanding of blood components, the following content topics are provided as a precursor to Module 1:
    o Overview of the Blood Pipeline (Required)
    o Ecology of Blood (Required)
    o Transfusion Medicine as Applied Immunology (Required)
    o Industry Review/Overview: Challenges in this Area (Required)
    o Blood Centers 101 (Required)
    o Requirements for Storage and Expiration (Required)
    o Principles of Blood Supply Safety (Required)
    o Directed & Autologous Donors (Required)
    o Blood Banking: Global Environment (Optional)
    o Blood Banking: Challenges in this Area (Optional)
    o Blood Products and Indications on Why You Would Transfuse Each (Optional)
    o ABO Typing & Antibody Screening/Identification and Cross Matching – Why is This Important (Optional)
    o Adverse Effects of Blood Transfusion (Optional)
    o Transfusion Medicine: Challenges in this Area (Optional)
    o Regulatory/Compliance: Challenges in this Area (Optional)

A continuing education certificate of completion will be immediately provided to learners upon reviewing all 3 modules (including the required Blood Banking & Transfusion Medicine 101 eCast Series content), successful completion of all 3 module assessments, completion of the program evaluation, and after claiming your continuing education credit type.


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