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On-Demand Single Viewer: Immunohematology Boot Camp: Rh System

Product Code: 24EL-412-4035

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Program Description: The RH blood group system is complex and is of great importance in transfusion medicine. While alloantibodies directed against Rh antigens are generally clinically significant, unexplained antibodies, autoantibodies and drug antibodies with Rh specificities present unique challenges. Antigen typing discrepancies are not uncommon due to variant RH alleles which are more prevalent in some populations. RH genotyping has expanded our knowledge of the blood group system and can offer further information on antigen expression and alloimmunization risk. In this program, the faculty will dive into the complexities of the RH blood group system, including details about both serologic and genomic testing so that transfusion medicine professionals may better understand this complex system. Importantly, the focus will be on the implications for patients and donors. .

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