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PBM Metrics brings you front-line expertise in collecting, analyzing, and reporting data on transfusion safety and patient blood management activities. Written by experts, the 23 chapters cover the vexing questions people raise about metrics. What metrics are most useful? How much data is too much data? How do you integrate what you are doing with the facility’s IT system? What data are critical to track? How do you spot trends and determine their meaning? What’s the most effective way to show the results? This information-packed volume will help you cross off many items on your metrics checklist.


  • The big picture (role of metrics in PBM, different types of metrics)
  • Data collection (best practices, provider-specific metrics, dashboards)
  • What to measure (thresholds, single-unit transfusions, nursing notes, reactions)
  • Usage trends (percent/number wasted, surveys, data comparisons)
  • Sharing what you find out (graphics, level of detail, anonymous or not?)

By Nancy Fredrich, RN, BSN, MM; Richard Gammon, MD; Cheryl A. Richards, MT(ASCP)SBB; and Robin Tauer, RN, MHA

AABB Press, 2019, digital, 117 pages

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