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Pediatric Transfusion: A Handbook, 5th edition

Product Code: 203020

ISBN: 978-1-56395-405-4

Pediatric Transfusion: A Handbook, 5th edition is a concise yet comprehensive reference book for all practitioners who transfuse neonatal and pediatric populations. This book is invaluable for physicians treating patients in the hospital or those answering questions while on call in the blood bank. Written in response to questions from a variety of professionals in the field, this unique book presents, in one easy-to-use handbook, information that typically would require multiple volumes of text. Charts and tables outline information concerning volumes of blood components and doses of medication for neonatal and pediatric patients. Contributors with a wealth of practical experience share their knowledge in a resource that fits conveniently in your lab coat pocket.

This edition includes the latest updates addressing patients with special transfusion needs, including neonates, patients undergoing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, cardiovascular surgery patients, trauma patients, sickle cell disease patients, and other pediatric patients who require chronic transfusion support. In addition, the latest updates on pathogen inactivation and the use of new blood products in children are discussed.

Recent years have seen tremendous strides in the use of recombinant and nonrecombinant products. For pediatric patients with specific coagulation deficiencies, such as hemophilia A and B, the use of extended half-life products, as well as products (non-factor-derived) that mimic the actions of coagulation factors, are now available for use. With these developments in mind, this edition has an extensively updated coagulation section, so the reader can become familiar with “new biologics” as preferred alternatives to traditionally used blood products.

In addition, “ABC-PICU,” which examined the age of red cells on outcomes in critically ill children, is discussed in this edition. The latest information on the use of pathogen-inactivated blood products is also included.

Editors: Edward C.C. Wong, MD, and Susan D. Roseff, MD

Handbook Series Editor: Nick Bandarenko, MD

(2020, AABB, ISBN 978-1-56395-405-4)

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