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Standards for Cellular Therapy Services, 11th edition – Free Trial

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This two-week free trial gives readers access to the full 11th edition of Standards for Cellular Therapy Services (CT Standards) in AABB’s Standards Portal. CT Standards, effective July 1, 2023, details the latest standards of practice for accredited cellular therapy facilities and includes overarching quality standards as well as specific technical standards. There is no obligation to purchase access to the Portal after the free trial expires.

The Standards Portal allows users to customize their profile based on the activities for which they are accredited and can be rearranged at any time. Standards that do not apply to a user’s profile will appear grayed out to ensure that purchasers are aware of the standards that apply to their facility and those that do not.

The Standards Portal is also fully searchable by key word, chapter, or standard number, allowing users to navigate quickly to the most relevant standards to them at that time. Guidance is provided on how to implement a standard, why it was created, or why a change was made from this edition to the last. Any relevant documentation that would assist users in implementing the standard in question is provided.

Benefits to Users

All links to outside websites and cross references to other standards in the portal are live and appear in popup windows to allow users to be able to see both the standard in question and the linked post. The full edition of the CT Standards (not including any guidance) is printable at any time to ensure that users can take the CT Standards on the go.

Any interim or emergent standards will appear seamlessly in the portal once effective and highlighted.

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Effective date: July 1, 2023

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