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Stem Cell Collection, Infusion, and Transfusion Support: A Primer- Print

Product Code: 232230

ISBN: 978-1-56395-479-5

By Laura Cooling, MD, MS

Are all the cell therapy resources you’ve checked so far a bit overwhelming in depth and scope? Then this primer is for you. Intended for trainees, this slim volume is focused on the adult learner. Clear/direct explanations, multiple graphic aids, and highlighted key concepts are found throughout discussions of the major topics. Also helpful is the robust list of references that will assist you not only now, but later, as your knowledge base grows. An added benefit is a handy appendix of abbreviations used in the text.

Contents cover:

  • Clinical HSCT Types
  • Donor Evaluation
  • Stem Cell Collection [HPC(A), HPC(M), HPC(CB)]
  • Processing and Infusion
  • Transfusion Support
  • Engraftment
  • Posttransplant Complications

PRINT EDITION: AABB Press, 2023, Soft cover, 98 pages, ISBN 978-1-56395-479-5

Product Code: 232230
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