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Transfusion Reactions, 5th edition - Print

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ISBN: 978-1-56395-413-9

Among the potential adverse effects of blood transfusion, the noninfectious risks far outweigh the infectious risks. Reactions vary widely in severity and symptomology, appearing from minutes to weeks after starting the procedure. This trusted AABB reference has been updated throughout against the latest scientific literature on adverse reactions to transfusion, common and uncommon. Aspects of each complication are examined, such as clinical presentation, epidemiology, risk factors, morbidity, mortality, pathophysiology, differential diagnosis, and/or others. With a scope that is comprehensive, the book offers subtopics and tabular material that provide easy access to critical information for clinical providers at all levels, as well as laboratory staff, involved in the care of transfusion recipients.

Important features:

  • Two new chapters cover unconfirmed transfusion reactions and hemovigilance.
  • Specific chapters devoted to nursing practices, prevention, and low-resource settings.
  • Significant changes in TRALI and TACO reflected since the previous edition.
  • Thirteen other chapters cover reactions by type of reaction, procedure, or product used.

Edited by: Patricia M. Kopko, MD

AABB Press, 2021, illus, 732 pages, ISBN 978-1-56395-413-9

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