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July 17, 2018

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Jay Lewis

AABB Now Offering Accreditation for Out-of-Hospital Transfusion Services

New Service Will Promote Quality and Safety for All Patients Requiring Blood Transfusions.

Bethesda, Md. – AABB (formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks) has recently unveiled a new accreditation offering for out-of-hospital transfusion services. This new accreditation program will promote quality and safety for patients undergoing blood transfusions, regardless of where the procedure takes place.

As the landscape of American health care continues to change, new models for the delivery of care have emerged. There is a growing interest in, and need for, out-of-hospital transfusion services. These services are typically used to provide blood transfusions at a nontraditional setting – a long-term care facility, for example – and eliminate the need to transport a patient to a hospital for the procedure.

AABB developed this new program in response to requests for accreditation from organizations providing out-of-hospital transfusion administration services. The program seeks to recognize the fact that transfusions in this setting can be delivered with a level of quality that is consistent with AABB's requirements for transfusion services. As the global leader in standards development and accreditation for transfusion medicine, AABB is well-positioned to offer accreditation for facilities taking new approaches to transfusion medicine.

“AABB is proud to begin offering accreditation for out-of-hospital transfusion services,” said Mary Beth Bassett, BS, MT(ASCP), AABB president. “A core aspect of AABB’s mission is its unwavering focus on patient safety. Our Association’s new accreditation program will help to ensure that blood transfusions will always be safe for all patients – no matter where the transfusion occurs.”

AABB’s first edition of Standards for Out-of-Hospital Transfusion Administration Services is now available for purchase. Additional information about AABB accreditation for out-of-hospital transfusion services is available online at Fill out the online form to be contacted by the AABB Accreditation Department and to learn more about the program.

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