Virtual Meeting FAQs

Accessing the Virtual Meeting

How do I access the 2022 Virtual Meeting?

Go to to login to the meeting platform. Once there, log in using the same email you provided during registration and a unique access code that will be provided, via email, from

Where can I find my login information?

To log into the meeting platform, you will need to use the email address you used for registration and a unique access code that will be provided in an email from If you did not receive this email or are having issues logging in, please contact

How do I log in? I never got the email from AABB?

You will need to use the email address you used for registration and a unique “access key” that will be provided in an email from Cadmium. We recommend checking your spam or junk folders for an email from AABB - if you cannot locate this, please contact

I’m having technical troubles, who can help me?

Click “My Favorites” on the left-hand navigation bar to access a System Check, as well as the option to contact Technical Support. 

On the Virtual Meeting Platform

Can I communicate with the speakers or poster presenters?

Yes, click the “People” tab on the left-hand navigation bar and search for the speaker in the speaker list.

How do I join a live session?

Click the “Join” button in the session.

How long will the on-demand sessions be available to view?

You will have access to the on-demand sessions to view and earn credits in the virtual platform until Wednesday, December 7. The virtual poster hall will be available through December 7 in the virtual platform.

When will the live sessions be turned into on-demand sessions?

Sessions will be available as on-demand within 24 hours of the scheduled session time.


How do I access all of meeting content, both during and after the event?

The Virtual Meeting features both live and on-demand sessions that registered attendees can view beginning November 6; All sessions will be available for viewing and credit until December 7. The virtual poster hall will be available through December 7.

Will live content be available after the fact via recording, or only live?

Live content will be recorded, subject to speaker permission, and put on the platform for on-demand viewing within 24 hours so that participants can access all meeting content.

How long will on-demand content be available?

Content will be available for you to experience and/or revisit until December 7. The interactive session chats and other portions of the platform will close after the live event ends November 7. After November 7, the content will be transferred to the AABB Learning Management System (LMS) for purchase.

Am I able or allowed to share downloadable meeting content?

While handouts will be available to download until December 7, please note that no recordings/sessions of any kind that are accessed on the platform can be downloaded (or shared) at any time. This is a single sign-on and does not permit group sharing of content, meaning your registration is just like a meeting badge at an in-person event.

Is the Virtual Meeting eligible for CE/CME? If so, how many CE/CME and what is the process?

The virtual Annual Meeting will offer both CE and CME credits. The number of credits will be determined by how many “live” and on-demand sessions you participate in during the virtual meeting. You will be able to claim your CE/CME in the digital platform until December 7. After that, you can access your transcript in the AABB LMS.

How do I access the evaluations?

You can access the evaluations from within the virtual platform by clicking “How to Claim CE/CME” on the left-hand navigation bar.

What username and password do I use for the evaluation page?

You will use your AABB username and password to enter the evaluation page.

Why do I keep getting an error message when I try to evaluate a live session?

You can only evaluate one live session during a scheduled time block. If you watched the on-demand version, please scroll through the different pages to find the on-demand evaluation.

How can I get a certificate of attendance?

Registered participants can complete session evaluations found on the "How to Claim CE/CME” tab. Follow the instructions to access the evaluations. You must complete at least one (1) session evaluation before you can complete the overall meeting evaluation. Completion of the overall meeting evaluation is required to generate your transcript/certificate of attendance.

I filled out the evaluations, but I can’t find the print button. How do I print my certificate/transcript?

After completing the overall meeting evaluation, you will be able to print your certificate. The print button appears at the top of the evaluation page. After the evaluations close on December 7th, you will be able to print your certificate from the “My Transcripts” section of the AABB Education Platform.

Do I have to enter my license number for each session evaluation?

No. Once you have entered it once it will be retained as you complete more session evaluations, assuming you choose the same credit type each time. If you select a different credit type, then you will need to enter in that license number as applicable.

I don’t see the credits appearing on my Transcript?

In addition to completing session evaluations, registered attendees must complete the overall meeting evaluation for the transcript to be generated. The overall meeting evaluation is located at the top of the evaluation page:AM22 Evaluation Picture

I choose the wrong credit type for a session evaluation. How do I change it?

Contact with your request (include the session number and the credit type, assuming the credit type is available).

Why don’t I see evaluations?

Evaluations are accessible for all attendees who registered before the first day of the virtual meeting. For those that register during the virtual meeting please allow up to 24 hours before the evaluations will be accessible. If you still do not see the evaluations, please contact the Education & Professional Development staff at


What can I expect from the virtual Annual Meeting?

AABB’s 2022 Virtual Meeting will be an exciting and robust virtual meeting experience featuring scientific sessions, both interactive “live” and on-demand, on a variety of topics with continuing education credits available. Attendees will also have access to more than 300 posters in the virtual poster hall.

Why should I try to attend the “live” virtual meeting dates, instead of watching sessions at a later date?

During the 2022 Virtual Meeting’s live dates, you will have the greatest opportunity for an interactive experience with speakers and other attendees. During each session’s time slot, speakers will be available for live Q&A after the presentation. The majority of attendees will be online during the live dates, so this is also your best opportunity to meet and network with them.

How much time should I expect to be online during the event days?

Sessions will run from approximately 10:00 am – 5:15 pm ET on both days and attendees are invited to take part in as many live sessions as possible. You will also have access to on-demand content and poster hall as soon as the Virtual Meeting opens on November 6. We want you to be able to participate in as much as you can each day without missing out on everything the meeting has to offer.

What if I’m busy during some of the hours of the virtual meeting?

That’s okay; you can still register! All of this year’s Virtual Meeting content will be available on-demand for all registrants in the virtual platform until December 7—all on your own time, whenever it is convenient for you.

Can I connect with other attendees?

Yes! Through the virtual platform, you will have the ability to connect with fellow attendees in many ways. You can join the discussion within each session where you can chat with speakers and fellow attendees about the content.

Will the in-person AABB Annual Meeting take place later this year?

At this time, AABB has weighed all options for an alternate date for an in-person event in 2022 but has chosen not to reschedule it. Instead, we will focus on ensuring the virtual event comprises the same high-quality content that attendees enjoy at the AABB Annual Meeting every year.


I am a speaker for an education session at the 2022 Annual Meeting. What does this mean for me?

The Education & Professional Development team will contact you with detailed information regarding the session schedule, virtual platform, technical requirements, and other logistics.

My poster submission was accepted to be presented at this year’s meeting. What should I do about my poster?

You should have already uploaded your poster to the virtual poster hall, which will be available to virtual attendees starting November 6.

Will I receive a refund on my abstract submission fees?

Abstract submission fees will not be refunded as all accepted abstracts have been published in TRANSFUSION and will be presented at the AABB Virtual Annual Meeting.

Can I wait and present my accepted abstract next year at 2023 Annual Meeting?

Abstract acceptances for 2022 Annual Meeting cannot be transferred to the 2023 Annual Meeting. All abstracts accepted for the 2022 Annual Meeting have been published in TRANSFUSION.

I was invited to receive an award at the meeting. How will I receive this recognition?

Recognition of your achievement is important to the AABB. We will contact all award recipients and identify next steps in the coming weeks.


If I registered for the live AABB Annual Meeting, will my registration fees be refunded?

You may choose how to use your live Annual Meeting registration:

  • Your registration fee will be applied to the Virtual Annual Meeting and you will receive a refund of the remaining balance.
  • Request a full refund.

Transfers to future AABB Annual Meetings is not permitted.

If you have questions regarding your registration or to request a full refund, please contact

What are the registration rates?

Member $375
Non-Member $495
Student $105
Assessor $350

What’s included with my registration?

Your registration fee grants you access to the full virtual meeting beginning on November 6. After November 7, you will continue to have access to all Virtual Meeting content and resources until December 7.

Does the price include multiple attendees like a webinar setting?

The meeting is hosted on a single sign-on platform. It will allow only one user to navigate through and experience sessions and the poster hall. Each registrant must log in with a unique email address.

Can I register for single sessions, or do I have to purchase the full meeting?

You must purchase the full meeting. Single sessions are not available.

When and how can I access the virtual meeting?

Registered attendees will receive a link via email to the virtual platform approximately a week prior to the virtual meeting. The link will be sent to the email address you used to register and is how you will access all the meeting content. You’ll use the same link each day to access the platform for the live meeting and whenever you choose to view the on-demand content.

Do I have to watch the meeting from the same device used to register? One of our team members typically handles all the sign-ups but will not be the one participating.

Your registration login can be used on any device, but you will have to use the email address that was provided when you registered. Please ensure that the person in charge of registering provides individual emails, so every attendee can sign in using the required single sign-on credentials.

Is group attendance available or is it intended as an individual attendance?

As with the live meeting, the experience is intended only for individuals. Each registration allows one user to navigate through the platform and experience sessions and the poster hall. Each registrant must log in with a unique email address and the content can't be exported out of the platform for a shared experience. Only registered attendees will be eligible for CE/CME credits.

How will I gain access to the platform?

Look for an email about a week before the meeting begins with unique login credentials and instructions. The event is hosted on a single sign-on platform and only allows one user to navigate through the platform.

I registered for the NBF Run for Research. Is that canceled?

We are planning a virtual 5K. Those who have already registered for the run will be automatically entered in the virtual 5K. Look for more information in the coming weeks.

How do I cancel my hotel reservation?

Hotel reservations booked in the AABB block will be canceled without charge. If you made a reservation outside of the AABB block, you will need to cancel that reservation directly with the hotel. If you still intend on traveling to Orlando, please re-book directly with the hotel.

Is AABB refunding any flights or travel costs?

AABB will not refund individual travel costs. Please check with your airline regarding their current refund policies.

What if I have more questions?

If you have additional questions not answered above, please email and we will get back to you shortly.


Will exhibitors receive a refund?

AABB will refund your exhibitor booth fees which will begin as soon as possible. You for your patience as we work to get these processed.

What other options do I have to engage with virtual event attendees?

As part of the virtual event experience, we are exploring several options to provide our valued partner an effective way to engage prospective and nurture current customers. Our sales team will be reaching out to share these details with you in the coming weeks.

How do I cancel my housing block?

Exhibitors who booked their hotel reservation through Maritz will have their reservation canceled automatically without penalty. You will receive an email once the cancelation has been made. Please contact if you have any questions.

I am a sponsor or exhibiting company. To whom do I address questions?

Any sponsorship or exhibitor questions can be directed to Pat Hilpl, Business Development, A. Fassano & Company, or Kim Simoni, Exhibits and Event Operations, A. Fassano & Company,