Immunohematology Boot Camp: Case Studies Involving MNS Genotyping (21EL-606)

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Wednesday, February 10, 2021
2:00 – 3:00 PM Eastern Time
Program Number: 21EL-606

  • Educational Track: Technical/Clinical
  • Topics: Antibody Identification, Blood Groups, Immunohematology, Patient Transfusion, Special Patients and Situations, Transfusion Safety
  • Intended Audience: Facilities that perform molecular testing, Hospital Blood Banks, Hospitals, Immunohematology Reference Labs (IRL’s), Laboratory Staff, Managers/Supervisors, Physicians, Scientists, Students (MD, MT, SBB), Technologists
  • Teaching Level: Intermediate
  • Director/Moderator: Thandar Aye, MLS(ASCP)SBB, Lead Reference Laboratory Technologist, BloodworksNW, Seattle, WA

    • Sunitha Vege, MS, Technical Director, Genomics Laboratory, New York Blood Center, Long Island City, NY
    • Christine Lomas-Francis, MSc, FIBMS, Technical Director, Immunohematology Laboratory, New York Blood Center, Long Island City, NY
  • Program Description

    The highly polymorphic MNS blood group system currently consists of 49 antigens that are carried on glycophorin A (GPA), glycophorin B (GPB) or on hybrids of these glycophorins. The glycophorins are encoded by the homologous genes GYP*A and GYP*B and another homologous gene, GYP*E, participates in gene rearrangements. Variant glycophorins may be detected by altered expression of M, N, S or s antigens or, if they lack a high prevalence antigen may be revealed by unusual antibody specificities. Antibody investigation or resolution of antigen typing discrepancies involving MNS antigens can be challenging without the combined application of serological and molecular techniques. In this program, problem solving approaches using a combination of serology and different molecular methods will be discussed and their application illustrated by case studies.

    Learning Objectives

    After participating in this educational activity, participants should be able to:

    • Discuss the molecular bases for MNS antigen expression and glycophorin variants.
    • Recognize when to use molecular methods to solve serology problems.
    • Explain current testing strategies when altered GYPA and/or GYPB genes are suspected.


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    Continuing Education Credit

    AABB estimates both the live and on-demand version of this eCast each to be eligible for 1 continuing education credits/contact hours for Physicians, California Nurse, California Lab Personnel, Florida Lab Personnel and General Participation credit. The final number of credit(s) and credit types awarded for this program (live or on-demand) will be determined by the program duration. For more information on each credit type please visit our Continuing Education Credits webpage.

    Disclosures for the planners of this event can be found here. Disclosures for the program faculty are provided at the beginning of the program.

    Speaker Biographies

    Christine Lomas-Francis, MSc, FIBMS, is the Technical Director of the Laboratory of Immunohematology at the New York Blood Center. She has a passion for Immunohematology, especially for Rh and MNS systems, and has worked in the field her whole life. She is especially excited by the way that the combination of serology and DNA analysis can explain many puzzling findings. She has co-authored many peer reviewed publications and 3 editions of the Blood Group Antigen FactsBooks.

    Sunitha Vege, MS is the Technical Director of the Genomics Laboratory at the New York Blood Center.  She has worked in the field of blood group genotyping for over 15 years.  She has presented at state and national meetings and as co-authored numerous publications in the area of blood group genotyping.