Science & Innovation Forum - Thermal Temperature Screening and FDA Guidelines: Fact vs. Fiction in Protecting Your Hospitals and Blood Centers

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Live Program Date: Thursday, June 10, 2021 - On-Demand Available

  • Intended Audience: CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Directors, Donor Recruitment Staff, Hospital Blood Banks, Hospitals, HR Personnel, Laboratory Staff, Managers/Supervisors, Medical Directors, Nurses, Physicians, Students (MD, MT, SBB), Transfusion Safety Officers
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    Thermal cameras are everywhere, you can’t board a flight or enter a theatre without a quick temperature reading…after all, an elevated body temperature is the most common symptom of illness, including Covid-19.

    Yet many leaders are wondering if the latest generation of thermal cameras used to quickly and accurately read someone's body temperature are a cure-all for protecting hospitals and blood centers... or a risk to public health. No wonder so many decision makers are scratching their heads.

    Not to worry, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) - which some may be surprised to learn, oversees thermal and infrared cameras - recently helped clarify fact from fiction.

    The good news: If you work with infrared and thermal cameras with FDA 510(K) clearance you can take advantage of this break-through technology to further protect your donors, patients, and staff. The bad news, many cheap imports - without FDA 510(K) clearance - have flooded the market, leading to confusion and uncertainty.

    To understand how the FDA’s recent announcement applies to your plans to safeguard your hospitals and blood centers, join former McKinsey partner, Peter Baird, in this insightful discussion as CEOs, CMOs, COOs and Administrators learn:

    • How the recent FDA announcement on thermography applies to infrared cameras used for temperature screening in hospitals and blood centers.
    • Creative ways to retrofit existing investment in thermal cameras with compliant and authorized thermal camera systems.
    • What resourceful companies are doing to upgrade to “proper” and “authorized” thermal cameras.
    • What this means to the thermal imaging technology and back-to-work programs, moving forward.

    The 30-minute presentation is followed by a Q&A session. Full announcement from the FDA can be found here: https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-alerts-public-about-improper-use-thermal-imaging-devices-warns-firms-illegally-offering-thermal


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    Moderator: Kole Escher, Outbound Marketing, ICI | Infrared Cameras, Inc., Beaumont, TX
    Speaker: Peter Baird, former McKinsey partner; Chief Financial Officer, ICI | Infrared Cameras, Inc., Beaumont, TX

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    Peter Baird worked at McKinsey & Company Healthcare practice for 11 years and is a board member of Catalent Pharma Solutions. Most recently, Peter serves as CFO of Infrared Cameras, Inc., the manufacturer of thermal imaging systems with over twenty years’ experience that counts Johns Hopkins, Texas Children’s Hospital and Cedars Sinai as its major healthcare customers.

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