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2020 eCast Pricing UPDATED FOR COVID-19
On-Demand eCast Tiered Pricing
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2020 eCast Pricing

eCast: Live or On-Demand

Price is per eCast
Single Viewer$59$69
Group Viewing – Live or On-Demand$309$360
eCast Bundle – Live & On-Demand (group only)$500$600
Groups have the opportunity to view an eCast (live OR on-demand) in more than one location at a time for an additional $125 per location. For Group Viewing bundles (live and on-demand) an additional site fee is $200 per location. Please review eCast Group Viewing section below for updated Group Viewing access information.

Bulk Purchase Discounts:
(Price is per eCast)
Single Viewer - 3 or more (each)$55$65
Group Viewing - 10 or more (each)$299$350
eCast Bundle: All 2020 eCasts Live & On-Demand
(group only)

Group Viewing Registrants: if you are registering for a group viewing eCast under your institution account and are an Institutional Nonmember or do not know your facility's identification number, please email AABB for an identification number prior to registration. To take advantage of the package savings (10 or more programs), you must register for all program selections at one time. Future orders can be placed at the discounted rate once the initial 10 or more has been submitted (applicable to group viewing only). Payment is due in advance.

eCast Group Viewing – UPDATED FOR COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, AABB has changed the process for access for our live eCasts for group viewing:

  • AABB will require that all participants that you would generally bring together in a room each register as a single viewer for your registered Group Viewing eCast (including the group viewing coordinator). To facilitate this change, AABB will provide language and instructions for you to share with your team which includes (sample language you will receive from AABB):
    • Register for the single viewer program via the AABB marketplace {AABB will provide the direct link to the program on our marketplace}. Each participant that plans to attend the live program must register prior to 12pm ET the day of the eCast to allow time for AABB to provide the GoToWebinar access email to you (and then you will have time to sign up on GoToWebinar).
      • If you are an AABB member or have an account already with AABB just log in and continue with registration.
      • If you are not a member or do not have an account with AABB, then you will need to create an account to continue.
    • Once you have reached the payment section simply enter in {AABB will provide a promocode} as the promocode to receive a complimentary registration.
    • Access instructions from AABB will be provided for the live program via email approximately one day and one hour prior to the live program which will require each person to also sign up via GoToWebinar.
    • After the live eCast has concluded you will be able to access your account on the AABB Education Platform to complete the program evaluation, earn continuing education credit and print your certificate of attendance (same information to access your education account used to register for the program as a single viewer).
  • If you are still planning on participating in a group environment, we still recommend each participant register for the single viewer program so that we can grant access to each participant to the AABB Education Platform to earn CE/CME credit and print his/her certificate (access will only be granted to registered single viewers).
  • An attendance log will not be provided for live eCasts during this time.

For more information on hosting and/or participating on an AABB eCast please visit our eCast Hosting & Participation page.

On-Demand eCast Tiered Pricing

AABB On-Demand eCasts are excellent educational resources covering everything from basic courses to cutting-edge content. Institutions and individuals can register for these eCasts up to 34 months after the live date*. To continue to offer you relevant content at a competitive price, AABB provides a tiered pricing structure based on the length of time from the original program live date.

Tiered Pricing - Discount Chart

Viewing TypeOn-Demand13-24 Months Pricing25-34 Months Pricing
Group/Single ViewingMarket Price30% off Market Price60% off Market Price

*Applicable to most On-Demand eCasts. Prices and access periods subject to change.

How to Register

Single Viewer: register for the respective program(s) via our Marketplace. Credit card payments accepted (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club). 

Group Viewing (Live, On-Demand or Bundle): use the eCast Group Viewing Registration Form (PDF) and send via email, fax or mail:

By Email: - Credit card payments accepted (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club) and Government purchase orders. 

By Fax: +1.301.951.3729 - Credit card payments accepted (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club) and Government purchase orders. 

By Mail:
AABB eLearning Department
4550 Montgomery Avenue
Suite 700 North Tower
Bethesda, MD, 20814 USA
All forms of payment are accepted: credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club), check or government purchase order.

Payment confirmations will be provided within 2-5 business days.

Forms of Payment

Payment must be made in U.S. dollars. Accepted forms of payment include a check payable to AABB, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club) and government purchase orders (purchase orders without accompanying payment will be accepted only from city, state and federal agencies. This must be a standard government form issued by the purchasing office of the city, state or federal treasury). If you would like to pay via a wire transfer, please contact the AABB eLearning team at Additional wire transfer fees will be applicable.


All cancellations must be emailed to Cancellations received one week prior to a program will receive a full refund. There will be no refunds for cancellations within the week prior to a program date. An alternate program can be chosen or access to the On-Demand version will be provided. For On-Demand programs, once access is granted there will be no refunds.


Q. I would like to register just myself for an eCast. How do I do that?
A. Simply look up the program of interest (live or on-demand) and click on the link to go to marketplace to register for that program.

Q. What is the difference between a live and On-Demand eCast?
A. Live eCasts must be participated on the specified date and time. On-Demand eCasts are the recorded and synced version of the live program and can be viewed online once available, generally 7-10 business days after the live program has occurred.

Q. I would like to register my facility for 12 Group Viewing Bundle eCasts. Do I receive the discounted rate for each bundle since I am ordering more than 10?
A. The Group Viewing Bundles are already discounted so additional discounts are not available.

Q. Can I add an additional site for $125 to a Group Viewing Bundle?
A. The additional site fee for a bundled eCast is $200. You can add as many additional sites for each eCast bundle. Each site would have access to the live program and the on-demand program.

Q. Can I add an additional site for $125 for a Group Viewing on-demand program if my facility is registered for the Group View live version?
A. Sorry but a group/facility must be registered for the program type before the additional site can be added. In this example, an additional site(s) could only be added to the live eCast.

Q. I am registering as a single viewer for an upcoming eCast. Can I add an additional site to my registration order?
A. Additional sites are only applicable to Group Viewing eCasts.

Q. How do I host an On-Demand Group Viewing eCast?
A. Please refer to our eCast Hosting & Participation page.

AABB eLearning Department

4550 Montgomery Avenue
Suite 700 North Tower
Bethesda, MD, 20814


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