3rd Edition of PBM Standards Now Available for Purchase

June 26, 2020

AABB’s Standards for a Patient Blood Management Program, 3rd edition, is now available for purchase on the Standards Resources web page. Notable changes in the 3rd edition include the addition of a standard to address operational continuity, an expanded standard addressing the management of anemia through transfusion and other methods, and a new standard to ensure that policies exist for single-unit transfusion strategies in defined patient populations.

The 3rd edition can be purchased as an electronic version housed in the AABB Standards Portal, a print version or a bundle of the two. In addition, AABB is pleased to offer a bundle that includes a printed copy of the Guidance for Standards for a Patient Blood Management Program and a printed copy of the 3rd edition of PBM Standards. The guidance explains the major changes to the Standards and is usually only found in the Standards Portal. 

AABB also offers a complimentary 2-week trial in the Standards Portal of the 3rd edition that gives users full access to the Standards while allowing them to experience all the features aimed at improving the user experience. These features include the ability to personalize a user profile that is specific to the activities performed at a given facility, a robust search function and direct links to additional information. Please note the “print” function is not available in the trial version. The 3rd edition of Standards for a Patient Blood Management Program will take effect Jan. 1, 2021.