AABB Releases Findings From 2021 Survey of Hospital Transfusion Services

February 01, 2021

AABB released a graphic summary of findings from the 2021 AABB member hospital transfusion services survey conducted to evaluate practices in the use of COVID-19 convalescent plasma (CCP). A total of 200 hospitals from 43 states completed the survey, conducted Jan. 4- 11.

Most of the hospitals reported transfusing CCP in the range of 0-24 units. Furthermore, 26% of the hospitals reported increasing numbers of CCP transfusions, while 28% reported “about the same” usage and 34% reported a declining trend of CCP transfusion. With regard to supply, 28.7% reported delays in obtaining CCP units, an upward trend that began the week of Oct. 26, 2020. Delays in group AB and B CCP units are most reported.

Based on the responses to this survey, the average CCP dose-to-patient ratio among AABB member hospitals is estimated to be 1.3:1. Since a majority of the hospitals reported that the use of CCP was at the discretion of the individual ordering physician/team, variability in the estimate can be expected in studies conducted at a different time and with a different survey population.

Select past survey results are available on the AABB Survey and Reports web page.