Comment Period Opens for Proposed 15th Edition of Standards for Relationship Testing Laboratories

March 19, 2021

The proposed draft Standards for Relationship Testing Laboratories, 15th Edition, is now available for public comment. The comment period begins today, March 19, and will conclude on May 21. 

A comprehensive description of the additions and edits in the draft are available in a summary memo that accompanies the proposed RT Standards. Some of these proposed changes include: 

  • New standards focused on levels of risk associated with activities performed and data generated in RT facilities.
  • Standard has been expanded to require that facilities maintain records of direct communications between accredited facilities and petitioners for relationship testing for United States immigration purposes.
  • New Standard 5.5.2, which requires that when linked loci are used, laboratories will have policies, processes, and procedures for estimating the effects of linkage on non-parentage cases.

The Relationship Testing Standards Committee encourages all interested individuals to submit comments in the next 60 days. The standards in the 15th edition are in the proposed phase and will be finalized after the comment period has concluded. The Committee will review all comments submitted and provide a summary document that describes the Committee’s rationale for its final decisions.