AABB Releases Summary, Next Steps Following CMO Roundtable on Platelets

April 05, 2021

AABB is pleased to release a summary document (members only) from AABB’s Feb. 26 Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Roundtable on platelets. The document also outlines proposed steps that the blood community may take to address challenges facing the supply of platelets and includes links to relevant peer-reviewed research. 

The roundtable began with a presentation by Jim Stubbs, MD, chair of the Division of Transfusion Medicine in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Mayo Clinic, who discussed the platelet supply and strategies for improving inventory management, and for alleviating pressures on the supply. 

Dana Devine, PhD, chief medical and scientific officer at Canadian Blood Services (CBS), also provided a summary of CBS’s platelet collection, manufacturing and distribution practices, with a focus on buffy coat platelets. Devine also provided data from CBS showing that a shift to low-yield platelets did not increase platelet utilization.

Following the presentations, attendees broke into small groups to discuss whether there are issues with the platelet supply in the United States that make it difficult for the supply to regularly meet demand, whether the upcoming implementation of the FDA guidance may cause or exacerbate a platelet shortage, and whether lowering the dose of apheresis platelets from 3 x 1011 to 2.5 x 1011 and/or pursuing the buffy coat option would be a good idea. AABB encourages members to review highlights from these discussions, as well as calls to action, in the summary document.