Biden Encourages Blood Donation in National Donate Life Month Proclamation

April 05, 2021

President Joe Biden celebrated the generosity of organ, eye, tissue, marrow and blood donors and encouraged others to become donors in a National Donate Life Month proclamation. This year’s proclamation is the first National Donate Life Month proclamation to include marrow and blood donation.

The proclamation noted that 39,000 organ transplants were performed in the United States last year from both living and deceased donors — an annual record for the 10th consecutive year. However, it emphasized that the number of people in need of life-saving organs remains high, with more than 107,000 people currently on the national transplant waiting list.

In addition, the proclamation stated that nearly 18,000 people are diagnosed each year with illnesses for which blood stem cell transplantation — requiring marrow or cord blood — is the best treatment option. Furthermore, 65% of these individuals require donors from outside their own family. And while 30 million adults are currently registered as blood stem cell donors, many individuals still have difficulty finding a suitably matched donor, meaning that many more registrants are required to fill this life-saving need.

The proclamation concluded by encouraging Americans to visit for organ, eye and tissue donation, and for marrow donation.