House Passes Bill to Reauthorize National Donor Marrow Program

April 19, 2021

The United States House of Representatives passed a bill to reauthorize the National Marrow Donor Program by a 415-2 vote on April 14. The “Timely Re-Authorization of Necessary Stem-cell Programs Lends Access to Needed Therapies” (TRANSPLANT) Act of 2021 reauthorizes the C.W. Bill Young Transplant Program and the National Cord Blood Inventory to facilitate life-saving bone marrow and umbilical cord blood donations to help patients suffering from blood cancers, disorders and diseases.

The bill would require the Department of Health and Human Services to review the state of science related to adult stem cells and birthing tissues for potential inclusion in the program. In addition, it would require the National Institutes of Health, in consultation with other agencies, to further the field of regenerative medicine. It also commissions a report by the comptroller general on the state of the regenerative medicine workforce.