AABB Publishes New Guides on Quality Assessments, Antibody Identification

May 26, 2021

AABB recently published two updated AABB Guides to support members in their professional growth. These two expert-developed resources aim to help members stay up to date with AABB standards and other compliance requirements. Both books have been developed and reviewed by members of the Transfusion Medicine Section Coordinating Committee and each has been updated from the previous editions. 

The AABB Guide to the Quality Assessment of Transfusion provides an overview of key aspects of a quality assessment program for the transfusion service, which helps ensure the maintenance of a robust program focused on patient outcomes and safety. The guide begins with a discussion of an institution’s quality plan and includes a complete analysis of the transfusion process or system. It also provides useful tools like a risk scale for major hazards, a blood ordering flowchart and a sample gap analysis of blood administration. 

Whether a laboratory uses a single method or multiple panels and special methods for antibody detection and identification, the AABB Guide to Antibody Identification will prove to be an invaluable resource. This guide discusses routine testing and interpretation of the results; additional testing, including guidance on what alternatives to use and when; and situations that call for unusual antibody testing. It also contains appendices with case studies, useful examples of “ruling out,” and a compilation of relevant regulatory and accreditation requirements. 

Print and digital copies of these informative resources are available in the AABB Store