AABB Releases Association Bulletin #21-02 to Address Platelet Bacterial Risk Control Strategies

June 02, 2021

AABB released Association Bulletin (AB) #21-02 today, which contains guidance and considerations to support the Oct. 1 implementation of the December 2020 FDA guidance titled “Bacterial Risk Control Strategies for Blood Collection Establishments and Transfusion Services to Enhance the Safety and Availability of Platelets for Transfusion.” 

AB #21-02 is intended to provide information that can help blood centers and transfusion services communicate and discuss mitigation strategies to support the continued availability of platelets for transfusion. The Association Bulletin provides key points for the AABB membership related to mitigation strategies, new regulatory requirements to extend expiration to day 7, planning for hospital inventory, considerations for different patient populations and considerations for blood centers. 

AABB has also published additional resources to support the implementation of the FDA Guidance, including reference sheets and a testing strategy timeline chart for apheresis platelets.