AABB to Delay Resumption of Unannounced Assessments

August 17, 2021

Due to the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic, AABB will delay the resumption of unannounced assessments planned for Oct. 1. Instead, AABB will continue to conduct announced assessments.

To prepare for announced assessments, AABB assessors should contact facilities directly after they are accepted by the facility to schedule the assessment date(s) and discuss any facility requirements or visitor restrictions. Many facilities require visitors to be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination prior to entry. Facilities may decline assessors who are unable to meet the facility’s vaccination requirements for the assessment. Declined assessments will not affect assessor status. 

“Delaying unannounced assessments is a necessary step to ensure that both assessors and member facility staff can take appropriate steps to reduce their risk of COVID-19 exposure,” said Melanie Sloan, MS, MT(ASCP) SBB, CQA(ASQ), Senior Director, Accreditation and Quality, AABB. “This step will better protect the health of both assessors and facilities staff, while ensuring a timely assessment of these critical quality checks.”

AABB continues to monitor COVID-19 transmission and will provide frequent updates regarding the status of announced and unannounced assessments. Facilities or individuals with questions may contact accreditation@aabb.org for additional information.