Applications for 2021 Future Leader Scholarship Awards Program Due Friday

September 07, 2021

The deadline for individuals to submit applications for the 2021 Future Leader Scholarship Awards is this Friday, Sept. 10. Bestowed annually, the awards — up to two for specialists in blood banking (SBB) (or equivalent) and transfusion medicine fellows — are meant to encourage interest in transfusion medicine research, development and continuing education.  

To be eligible for the transfusion medicine fellow awards program, applicants must be current fellows in a transfusion medicine program or training program that includes at least one continuous year in transfusion medicine training. 

To be considered for the SBB (or equivalent) awards program, applicants must be enrolled in, accepted for enrollment in, or have recently completed training (within 12 months) in an SBB (or equivalent) certification course from an AABB-accredited institution.  The awards will be presented at the Transfusion Medicine Subsection Coordinating Committee on Tuesday, Nov. 2.