Voting Opens for TMSCC Leadership Positions

September 22, 2021

The election to fill the lead role for the Therapeutic Apheresis and Technical Practices, the lead role of the Quality and Regulatory Subsection, one at-large seat, and the re-election of five members to the Transfusion Medicine Subsection Coordinating Committee (TMSCC) is now open. Section members will vote for one of the two candidates running to fill the Therapeutic Apheresis and Technical Practices Subsection. They will also vote to approve the candidates for the Quality and Regulatory Subsection lead and the at-large seats on the TMSCC for a three-year term.

Ballots are available online, and voting is open to all members of the TM Section for the at-large seat. Only members of the Therapeutic Apheresis and Technical Practices and Quality and Regulatory Subsections may vote in for the leaders of those subsections. Voting closes at midnight on Thursday, Oct. 21. AABB will announce the winners the following day.