AABB News Celebrates as AABB Turns 75 This Year

January 12, 2022

To celebrate AABB’s 75th anniversary, AABB News will publish articles throughout 2022 highlighting key aspects of the Association’s history. This month’s issue describes the 1947 explosion of a freighter docked in Texas City, Texas. The resulting need to provide blood to those injured in the explosion sparked events that eventually led to the formation of the American Association of Blood Banks. Another feature lists key moments in the history of transfusion medicine.

Rather than looking back in time, the third feature article looks forward to ways in which we can combat structural racism in health care to provide a more equitable field for everyone. Other articles illustrate how the National Blood Foundation has supported AABB’s mission for nearly 40 years, highlight AABB’s corporate partner Hemanext and profile Paul Ness, MD, longtime editor of Transfusion and a former AABB president.