REGULATORY UPDATE: AABB's TTD Committee Monitoring Monkeypox Outbreak

May 23, 2022

AABB’s Transfusion Transmitted Diseases (TTD) Committee is continuously monitoring developments related to an ongoing outbreak of monkeypox following confirmation of a domestic case in Massachusetts and clusters of international cases in Australia, Canada and several European countries.

According to CDC, cases of monkeypox have previously been identified in travelers from, or residents of, West African or Central African countries where monkeypox is considered to be endemic; however, most of the recent cases do not have direct travel-associated exposure risks.

CDC emphasized that the risk to the public is low, but encouraged any individual who develops a new, unexplained shin rash (with or without fever) to seek medical care immediately and avoid contact with others. If possible, potentially exposed individuals should call ahead before going to a health care facility.

AABB reminds members that monkeypox is not known to be transfusion-transmissible, and there have been no reports of transfusion-transmitted cases. AABB’s TTD committee is updating AABB’s Monkeypox Virus Fact Sheet with relevant information.

AABB members may contact with questions.