AABB Recruiting Knowledgeable Blood and Biotherapies Professionals to Serve as Assessors

July 12, 2022

AABB is on the lookout for talented and dedicated people to join our team of assessors. The Association is seeking professionals in the field who are quality-minded, detail-oriented, experts in operational systems, and passionate about protecting donors and patients.

The AABB Accreditation Assessor Program provides volunteer professional training in auditing techniques; quality program and operations; and the competitive, legal and ethical issues associated with assessments. It teaches assessors to evaluate a facility’s quality and operational systems.

For facilities, having an AABB assessor on staff offers the chance for the entire team to learn about new ideas in quality systems. And of course, it is a feather in a facility’s cap to point to a quality leader on staff with the knowledge and expertise to routinely assess operations at other facilities.

The time commitment associated with becoming an AABB assessor is minimal. Applicants must complete AABB-led training and two training assessments before becoming an approved AABB assessor.

After that, all assessors are required to participate in at least two facility assessments per year and must also participate in the continuing education program.

Additional information about AABB assessor qualifications, requirements, responsibilities and more is available on the AABB website.