Top Research Selected for 2022 AABB Annual Meeting Plenary Session

July 22, 2022

AABB is pleased to announce the six scientific abstracts that have been selected for inclusion in the Plenary Oral Abstract Session at the upcoming 2022 AABB Annual Meeting, to be held Oct. 1-4 in Orlando, Fla.

As always, the AABB Annual Meeting will feature the latest cutting-edge research in the field. AABB’s Selection of Abstracts Committee reviewed a plethora of submissions earlier this year and accepted abstracts that were of high scientific merit and of key interest to the field. The result comprises hundreds of innovative scientific abstracts covering all areas of blood and biotherapies.

Amid this abundance of important research, the Selection of Abstracts Committee reserves the Plenary Oral Abstract Session for the most important research of the year – those deemed as having the highest scientific merit and the most likely to have a profound impact on advancing the field of blood and biotherapies.

The abstracts chosen for this year’s Plenary Oral Abstract Session are:

  • “Clinical Efficacy of Mirasol-Treated Apheresis Platelets in Patients with Hypoproliferative Thrombocytopenia (MIPLATE) Trial,” to be presented by Scott A. Koepsell, MD, PhD from the University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • “Expression of Exogenous Proteins in Donor Platelets Treated with Lipid Nanoparticles Encapsulating mRNA,” to be presented by Jerry Leung from the University of British Columbia
  • “Marginal Zone B Cells Are Responsible for the Production of Alloantibodies Following Platelet Transfusion in Mice,” to be presented by Adèle Couvidou from Université de Strasbourg
  • “Lack of Infectivity of Sars-CoV2 RNA+ Donor Plasma,” to be presented by Marcus O. Muench, PhD from Vitalant Research Institute
  • “Homozygosity for an Abolished GATA1-Binding Site in the CR1 Gene Is Responsible for the CR1 Low-Expressing Helgeson Blood Group Phenotype,” to be presented by Ping Chun Wu, MSc from Lund University
  • “Impact of 100% Pathogen Reduction and 7-Day Storage on Platelet Safety and Availability in France,” to be presented by John Pitman from Cerus Corporation

“AABB’s Selection of Abstracts Committee is pleased to offer high-quality scientific research from around the world for AABB Annual Meeting attendees,” said Melissa Cushing, MD, chair of AABB’s Selection of Abstracts Committee. “The six abstracts selected for this year’s Plenary Session were deemed to be the highest quality and most innovative out of a strong collection of scientific abstracts. The Plenary abstracts, presented by a diverse group of international investigators, represent what will likely be practice-changing research that will have an important impact on the field. I encourage all Annual Meeting attendees to join us for the Plenary Session this year to learn more about this critical research.”

AABB congratulates the researchers whose abstracts were chosen for the 2022 Plenary Session and applauds this critical research that will help to further advance the field.