2022 AABB Annual Meeting Begins Next Saturday; Registration Still Open

September 21, 2022

Registration is still open for the 2022 AABB Annual Meeting, which begins next Saturday, Oct. 1, in Orlando. Registration is also open for the virtual Annual Meeting highlights event, which will take place Nov. 6-7. (Those attending the Annual Meeting in person are automatically registered for the virtual event.)

The 2022 AABB Annual Meeting features a robust educational program that explores the field’s most pressing topics: large-volume delayed-sampling platelets, platelet and plasma transfusion in critically ill children, potential changes to platelet dosing, blood shortages, data optimization and much more. In addition, the Meeting’s General Session will feature a keynote speech by Simon T. Bailey.

This year’s Annual Meeting will also feature a selection of sessions and workshops on diversity, equity, inclusion and access; a leadership workshop that highlights challenges for emerging leaders; “Critical Conversation” sessions that explore individual risk assessment, bias in the workplace and health care, cellular starting material, and a panel discussion with AABB CMO Claudia Cohn, MD, PhD. The program also features a research and progress session focused on the future of convalescent plasma.

Additional information, including the Meeting’s health and safety policy, networking events and curated poster tours, is available online.