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Bringing Flow Cytometry to Life: Applications in Cellular Therapies Course - Individual Registration

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This course is offered entirely online as independent, self-paced study through AABB’s Education Platform. After registering for the course, each learner will receive automatic access to the program. Access is granted for 1 year from the date of registration.

Flow cytometry plays an integral role in the modern laboratory. This rapid, high throughput, multiparameter assay is used to phenotype, characterize, and assess cell function by measuring marker expression on the cell surface and inside cells. It is an important tool that helps to ensure quality, purity, safety and/or potency of products used in cellular therapies and regenerative medicine. Learning how flow cytometry is applied in practice is essential to maximizing its power to collect and interpret data for clinical and research applications.

AABB’s course, Bringing Flow Cytometry to Life: Applications in Cellular Therapies:

  • Teaches the basics of flow cytometer operation.
  • Through the use of actual examples, students will experience how flow cytometry can be applied in cellular therapies – providing a real-world experience and bringing flow cytometry to life!

The course is divided into three sections that highlight important aspects of flow cytometry practice. Students will test and apply knowledge in a series of exercises. A glossary and list of supporting reference material is also included.

  • Section 1: Foundational Concepts in Flow Cytometry - covers the essential components of a flow cytometer and basic principles in setting up the machine, cell surface staining and data analysis.
  • Section 2: Cell Therapy Applications Using Flow Cytometry in the Cell Processing Laboratory - presents ‘real-world’ case studies demonstrating how flow cytometry concepts are applied in practice. Students learn through a series of practice exercises using examples of cell products widely processed in CT laboratories.
  • Section 3: Review of Concepts – Applying What You Have Learned - interactive exercises for further practice of the concepts covered in the program.

A continuing education credit certificate will be provided immediately upon review of all sections of the course and completion of the course evaluation.

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