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About National Blood Donor Month

The month of January is designated as National Blood Donor Month in the United States. Due to holiday celebrations, inclement weather, and cold and flu season, the winter months are often a time of reduced donations and an increased risk for blood shortages. National Blood Donor Month celebrates blood donors during this critical time and reminds people of the importance of donating blood.

Help ensure that this lifesaving resource is readily available to patients during this time. Find a location to give blood and schedule your life-saving donation appointment today.

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Blood Donation is a National Concern

More than 50 years ago - on December 31, 1969 - President Richard Nixon signed a proclamation designating January as National Blood Donor Month. The monthly observance is intended to honor voluntary blood donors and to encourage people to give blood at a time when more of this critical resource is needed.

AABB will be marking the 2024 National Blood Donor Month with a series of activities that highlight the importance of blood donation and the work of the blood community to ensure the safety and continuity of the blood supply. Follow AABB on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to participate in our NBDM activities.

NBDM 2024 - Celebrating Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity in Blood Donation

AABB strongly supports the FDA's May 2023 final guidance “Recommendations for Evaluating Donor Eligibility Using Individual Risk-Based Questions to Reduce the Risk of HIV Transmission by Blood and Blood Products,” which represented a landmark advancement for the blood community and our country. Individual Donor Assessment (IDA) eligibility protocols improve the accuracy of risk assessment for all blood donors and increase the pool of eligible donors through the reduction of unnecessary deferrals.

AABB released the Individual Donor Assessment (IDA) Resource Library and education series to empower our community with the knowledge and training necessary to achieve successful implementation as centers prepare to welcome new donors. AABB continues to offer these resources free to the community.

AABB Individual Donor Assessment (IDA) Resources

Free Education Offerings for NBDM

Complimentary eCasts are provided by AABB in honor of National Blood Donor Month.


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