Facilities that have achieved AABB Accreditation adhere to internationally recognized AABB Standards, have demonstrated the highest level of quality and safety, and have systems in place to make continual improvements.

Standards & Accreditation

Since 1957, AABB has developed Standards that promote patient safety and quality in several different fields. AABB's Standards combine internationally accepted quality management system essentials with technical requirements appropriate for each discipline. These Standards then form the basis for AABB's Accreditation program.

To become accredited, a facility must be in compliance with the current edition of Standards and adhere to other accreditation requirements. The AABB Accreditation program is internationally recognized as a symbol of quality, and facilities that have achieved AABB accreditation are known to provide quality products and services. Locate an AABB-Accredited facility.

“AABB quality systems build strong operational processes. By focusing on quality systems as the basis for building operational processes, a facility can execute operations with accuracy and precision while preventing failure.”

— Lorna Riach, MA, BS, MT(ASCP), Boston Children’s Hospital