Quality System concepts are at the heart of every AABB Accreditation, every edition of AABB Standards, and the work of the entire AABB community.

Throughout its 76-year history, AABB has remained committed to advancing quality and safety for the blood and biotherapies field. For many health care professionals throughout the world, AABB is synonymous with quality.

The resources and tools below have been developed specifically to promote high quality within our community.

Quality Systems Essentials

AABB's updated Quality Systems Essentials is the next step in the evolution of quality for the blood and biotherapies field, as well as a continuation of our efforts to ensure the highest level of quality and safety for all donors and patients.

Using the Quality System Essentials provides a framework for the maintenance of and development of a Quality Management System (QMS) for facilities seeking to establish a systematic mechanism to ensure quality is infused into every patient or donor process.

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Quality Toolkit

The Quality Toolkit contains a variety of quality tools intended to aid in conformance to AABB Standards. Developed by AABB Accreditation to address issues brought forward in AABB Annual Meeting sessions on common nonconformance issues, these tools can be used in a systematic approach to minimize and mitigate any identified nonconformances.

These tools are widely recognized and used by quality professionals to assist in a dynamic and systematic approach to root cause analysis, process flow, and risk identification. The use of these tools can assist facility professionals with the identification of process and policy gaps.

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The Systematic Approach to Quality and Regulatory Subsection

This Subsection focuses on issues related to quality management, quality control and regulatory compliance, including problem/deviation investigations, blood utilization review, process/change control, validation and equipment management.

AABB's Subsections help to build a network within interest-specific groups and are open to all AABB members. If you would like to get involved, the Subsection meets on the first Friday of every month. AABB members can join through the My Account section of the website; nonmembers can join AABB now to be a part of this Subsection.

Roxanne M. Tata

“Quality is an exciting, ever-changing aspect of the field. Your impact matters as a quality professional, whether it is in research, operations or leadership roles.”

— Roxanne M. Tata, VP of Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Quality Services & Privacy Officer, Vitalant