"Join AABB to develop your own career, to help others to develop theirs, and to support the delivery of the very best care to the patients needing transfusion and the donors on which our services depend." - Michael F. Murphy, MD, FRCP, FRCPath, FFPath

"AABB curates an environment in which health care leaders can thrive. Every leader should lead by example, being thoughtful and objective in their approach to problems, and being honest and transparent. AABB creates leaders that do just that!" - Connie Morris

"AABB has afforded me with opportunities to build relationships, collaborate and network with professionals I otherwise may not have met." - Col. Audra L. Taylor


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AABB membership provides access to resources and events designed to support you in the advancement of your career. No matter your role, AABB has the education, tools, connections and opportunities to help you succeed.

A Connected Community

AABB’s strength is in connecting our diverse, global membership comprising of professionals working in all areas of blood and biotherapies. Our physician, health care professional, resident and student members span the career spectrum, but all uniquely benefit from the shared ideas and cross-discipline resources that represent the incredible breadth of our community’s experience.

Pam Black

"Being inclusive of all professions in transfusion medicine and biotherapy will help AABB be successful by having a broader perspective of the entire field, allowing for a greater opportunity to lead in the future. The future is unpredictable and we need to work together."

— Pam Black

What We Offer

When you join AABB, you gain access to essential benefits, including professional development opportunities, critical tools and resources, and opportunities to connect with leaders and colleagues in the field. Click your individual membership category “type” below to learn more about the AABB resources that will benefit your profession most.

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AABB Institutional Memberships

AABB member institutions are an integral part of the AABB community. AABB’s institutional members include accredited facilities, as well as non-accredited institutions and corporate partners.

Accredited Institutional (AI)

Accredited institutional members are those facilities who have achieved AABB accreditation in one or more activities. AAAB's accredited institutional members receive myriad benefits for both facility and staff.

To become an AABB-accredited institution, contact AABB’s Accreditation Department today:

Become Accredited

Key Member Type Benefits

Accredited institutional members enjoy many key AABB benefits, including:

  • One professional membership (institutional contact)
  • Voting rights for your institution (one voting delegate)
  • Four new professional members at a 30% discount
  • Access to the AABB HUB
  • Standards for activities in which you seek accreditation and online access to the Accreditation Portal and Standards Portal
  • Member pricing to all AABB educational offerings and publications for the institutional contact member
  • Eligible to participate in National Blood Exchange
  • Access to member-only content on AABB’s website
  • Much more

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Non-Accredited Institutional (NAI)

This membership category is open to facilities and organizations that are currently not AABB-accredited. Non-accredited institutional members enjoy access to AABB's online educational and networking resources, as well as subscriptions to electronic and print publications. This type of membership is ideal for facilities that may be working toward AABB accreditation or planning to do so in the future.

To become an AABB Non-Accredited member organization, complete the NAI Application and return it to membership@aabb.org. For more information, call AABB Member Services at 301.907.6977.

Key Member Type Benefits

Non-accredited institutional members enjoy many key AABB benefits, including:

  • One professional membership (institutional contact)
  • Voting rights for your institution (one voting delegate)
  • Two new professional members at a 20% discount
  • Member pricing to all AABB educational offerings, including conferences and symposia, and publications for the institutional contact
  • Access to member-only content on AABB's website
  • Much more

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Corporate Partner Program

The new AABB Corporate Partner Program provides corporations with many opportunities to engage in the AABB community. For more information, visit aabb.org/corporatepartner.

Key Member Type Benefits

For more information about AABB Corporate Partner Program benefits, please contact mboraz@aabb.org.

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