Consulting Services

AABB Consulting Services brings more than 50 years of experience as a leader in developing innovative strategies and solutions in the fields of transfusion medicine and biotherapies to your project. Our innovative assessment methods are effective in identifying specific challenges and opportunities unique to each facility. AABB experts provide exceptional results while guiding clients to achieve sustainable goals.

Our team is offering consultations, interviews and gap analyses via Zoom as well as on site consultative services. These virtual and in person services help blood, plasma and tissue collection and/or management facilities; transfusion services; clinical laboratories; and cellular and related biological therapy facilities improve their quality management and process improvement systems.

Portfolio of Services

Quality Management System Design and Implementation
Regulatory and Accreditation Assessments
Process Improvement
Training and Development

"It was a very important and beneficial consultation to both the organization and at an individual level. The AABB consultant effectively shared her valuable experience with us and effectively communicated the AABB standards tailored to our cord blood bank. AABB Consultation Services has been recommended to other regional cord blood banks."

— Feedback from a Consulting Services client

AABB Consulting Services