A Mark of Distinction: Certified Advanced Biotherapies Professional (CABP) Credential

Certified Advanced Biotherapies Professional

The AABB Certified Advanced Biotherapies Professional (CABP) credentialing program is the first and only certification for biotherapies professionals. Becoming a CABP is a mark of distinction, establishing that qualified professionals have demonstrated – through a certification exam – that they have the necessary knowledge to credibly practice in the field of biotherapies. This certification benefits the entire biotherapies field by establishing minimum standards of competence, identifying qualified and proficient professionals, and advancing safety and quality. It provides an opportunity to recognize high-performing professionals among peers, patients, health care organizations and more. View the full CABP directory here.

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All CABP applications subject to AABB approval. AABB reserves to right to end this offer at any time.

Advance Your Career as a Certified Advanced Biotherapies Professional

If you are an experienced professional working in the biotherapies field, becoming a CABP will enable you to:

  • Demonstrate your commitment and competence
  • Distinguish your credibility from your peers
  • Position yourself for career advancement
  • Demonstrate your readiness to take on leadership roles

The CABP examination is open to all experienced biotherapies professionals, including those working as:

  • Researchers
  • Medical directors
  • Quality and regulatory specialists
  • Laboratorians
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Fellows
  • And more

“The AABB CABP certification provides a level of assurance that professionals in the field are up to date with their technological, biological and medical knowledge.”

Jose Cancelas, MD, PhD, CABP


“The CABP credential was a way to support my claim of expertise and showcase it to help my organization grow its cellular therapy department.”

Jennifer Chain, PhD, CABP


“I wanted a way to distinguish myself from other individuals when pursuing opportunities in the biotherapies field. ”



"The CABP certificate will help me stand out from the crowd as one of the most qualified in the field of biotherapies."

Vasiliki Kalodimou BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, CABP (H)


"The CABP certification was important to me as a way to differentiate myself in the field and join others who have achieved a standard of excellence for expertise, experience and personal development."

Jessica Drouillard, MSTM, SBB(ASCP), CABP


"The CABP program can benefit the biotherapies field by building a community of experts to help develop products and make it easier for patients to obtain potentially life-changing therapies."

Robert Jones, RN, BSN, CABP


Identify Qualified Advanced Biotherapies Professionals

Does your facility specialize in biotherapies? Or are you are increasing capacity in this area? Then encourage your staff to apply for the CABP certification and look for the designation when you are recruiting.

The CABP certification will enable you to more easily:

  • Identify qualified professionals
  • Advance staff for future roles and/or leadership positions
  • Establish your organization as one that attracts the highest qualified employees
Steps to Becoming a CABP

If you wish to file a complaint about the CABP program or a certificant, please consult the CABP Complaint Form. If you wish to appeal a certification decision or any other matter related to the CABP program, please consult the CABP Appeals Form.

Domains Covered by the Exam

Biotherapies in the Patient Care EcosystemBiotherapies in the Patient Care Ecosystem
Biotherapies Science and EthicsBiotherapies Science and Ethics
Operations and EquipmentOperations and Equipment
Biotherapies Development LifecycleBiotherapies Development Lifecycle
Quality SystemsQuality Systems
Regulatory EnvironmentRegulatory Environment