eCast Hosting & Participation

​AABB eCasts are available for registration as a single viewer or group viewing. Live eCasts must be participated on the specified date and time. On-Demand eCasts are the recorded version of the live program and can be viewed online once available. To learn more about eCast registration fees, packages and frequently asked registration questions please visit the eCast Registration page.

What You Will Need to Host and/or Participate on an eCast
Group Viewing Coordinator Responsibilities
Access: Live eCast
Access: On-Demand eCast
Test Joining a Live eCast
Continuing Education Credit Certificates
Member Participation at AABB Office
Recording & Copyright
List of Available eCasts

What You Will Need to Host and/or Participate on an eCast

AABB live eCasts are hosted on GoToWebinar. On-Demand eCasts are accessed on the AABB Education Platform.

To participate as a single viewer, you will need:

  • Computer with internet access (ability to access GoToWebinar for live program - see Test Joining a Live eCast)
  • Latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the handout(s)
  • Video player to view MP4 files (On-Demand only eCasts)

To participate as a group viewer, your facility/group will need:

  • An eCast Group Viewing Coordinator*

*Your facility/group will be required to identify a Group Viewing Coordinator who will serve as the point of contact for the eCast(s) purchased. AABB will provide your Group Viewing Coordinator with access to everything else needed via email, including access instructions. All participants in a group will be required to register as a single viewer for a live eCast, including the group viewing coordinator. AABB will provide a promocode to registered group viewing coordinators to share with their team in advance of the live program.

International Participants
Please note: the GoToWebinar confirmation email for live eCasts also provides call in information for most non-US locations. Simply click on the link, “Calling from another country?” to obtain the call-in number for your country. If your country is not listed, you will need to use your computer speakers (VoIP).

eCast Handouts

eCast registered Single Viewers and Group Viewing Coordinators will be provided via email all eCast materials/handouts the day prior to the live program date. If the handout is not available the day prior, it will be available in the GoToWebinar platform during the live program under “handouts” as well as in the AABB Education Platform after the live program has occurred. The handout can be used to take notes throughout the program and draft questions to submit during the question and answer session.

For on-demand eCasts, the handout(s) is available on the AABB Education Platform for registered participants.

Group Viewing Coordinator Responsibilities

As a Group Viewing Coordinator, you play an integral and critical role in managing an AABB live and on-demand eCast.

AABB will require that all participants that you would generally bring together in a room each register as a single viewer for your registered Group Viewing eCast (including you, the group viewing coordinator). AABB will provide language and instructions for you to share with your team which includes (sample language you will receive from AABB):

    • Register for the single viewer program via the AABB Store {AABB will provide the direct link to the program on our store}. Each participant that plans to attend the live program must register one hour prior to the start time of the eCast to allow time for AABB to provide the GoToWebinar access email to you.
      • If you are an AABB member or have an account already with AABB just log in and continue with registration.
      • If you are not a member or do not have an account with AABB, then you will need to create an account to continue.
    • Once you have reached the payment section simply enter in {AABB will provide a promocode} as the promocode to receive a complimentary registration.
    • Access instructions from AABB will be provided for the live program via email approximately 1-3 business days prior to the live.
    • After the live eCast has concluded you will be able to access your account on the AABB Education Platform to complete the program evaluation, earn continuing education credit and print your certificate of attendance (same information to access your education account used to register for the program as a single viewer).
  • If you are still planning on participating in a group environment, each participant must still register for the single viewer program so that we can grant access to each participant to the AABB Education Platform to earn CE/CME credit and print his/her certificate (access will only be granted to registered single viewers).
  • An attendance log will not be provided for live eCasts but will for the on-demand version.

Access: Live eCast

Access instructions for the live program will be provided to each of your registered participants via email, from the GoToWebinar platform, generally 24-72 hours after registering. The access instructions email will contain information that is unique for each individual. Reminder emails from GoToWebinar with log in information will be provided again 1 day and 1 hour prior to the eCast for registered individuals.

Distribution of the GoToWebinar link is strictly prohibited. Only one participant registration/log-on is allowed per single viewer registration. AABB reviews attendance/participation and individuals/groups will be billed at the full price of an eCast if logged on but have not registered.

Access: On-Demand eCast

On-Demand eCasts are housed on the AABB Education Platform. Access instructions will be provided via email approximately 3-10 business days after the live program has occurred and the on-demand version is available. If registering after the live program date has occurred and the on-demand program is available, access is provided immediately via the AABB Education Platform for single viewers and access will be provided via email within 1-2 business days for group viewers. In general, on-demand eCasts are available for access for up to three years from when the live program occurred.

Single Viewer On-Demand eCast is available for the registrant to access the on-demand version of the eCast. Once registered and access is provided, registered participants will have up to three years from the live program date (applicable to most on-demand eCasts) to access and view the program. On-Demand eCasts are available for three years from the live program date at which time the program is no longer available for viewing.

Group Viewing On-Demand eCast is available for the registered group/facility to access the program unlimited times for up to three years from the live program date. Access is provided via email. Group Viewing Coordinators can provide the facility access information to their team. Each participant can log on, watch the video and submit an attendance log to If a participant also attended the live program, that participant cannot earn credit for the on-demand eCast (double credits is not allowed). By submitting the attendance log, the participant and/or group viewing coordinator attests that each participant watched the presentation in its entirety. Once AABB receives the attendance log, each participant listed will be emailed a link to access Education Platform to submit an evaluation and claim CE/CME credit (as applicable). See Continuing Education Credit Certificates below for certificate availability.

Test Joining a Live eCast

Please take a moment prior to an eCast to View the System Requirements for GoToWebinar. You can also Join a Test Session to make sure you will be able to access the live eCast. If you experience issues prior to or during the eCast please email the AABB eLearning team at

Continuing Education Credit Certificates

Continuing education credit certificates will be provided as applicable:

  • Single Viewers (live or on-demand eCasts): completion of an evaluation in the AABB Education Platform will be required. For registered single viewers that attend a live eCast, AABB will provide access information and instructions via email. Upon completion of the evaluation, a certificate will be provided immediately (also available in the “My Transcripts” section on the AABB Education Platform for retrieval at a later date). For live eCasts, claiming credit will be required within 30 days from the live program date. After that date, the program will no longer be available to claim credit.
  • Group Viewing Participants (live eCasts): all group viewing participants will be registering as single viewers so please refer to the single viewers information above.
  • Group Viewing Participants (on-demand eCasts): completion of the attendance log with all requested information must be submitted to AABB within 72 hours of watching the on-demand eCast. Once an attendance log is submitted, participants will receive a link to complete a program evaluation and claim CE/CME credit (as applicable) in the AABB Education Platform.

Member Participation at AABB Office

Due to limited AABB conference room availability to broadcast an eCast along with an effort to make it fair and equitable for members not located near the AABB office, AABB does not offer the ability for an AABB member to attend an eCast at the AABB office.

Recording & Copyright

Outside recording of an eCast by individuals or facilities is strictly prohibited. AABB eCasts and materials are protected by copyright with all rights reserved. The Adobe Acrobat Reader installation file is the property of Adobe Systems Incorporated.


Contact the AABB eLearning Department:
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