Weekly Blood Supply Report

Key Takeaways

  • There is currently a critical shortage of blood in many regions of the country, as challenges to collect during COVID-19 persist.
  • Donations are critical to ensure blood availability for all those in need.

Weekly Blood Supply Report Dashboard - Thumbnail

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Data will be updated weekly every Tuesday afternoon. Current data:1/3/2017- 1/11/2022.

What is this graph?

This red blood cell (RBC) supply trend report has been prepared by AABB using the individual days of supply reported by America’s Blood Centers, the American Red Cross and Blood Centers of America. This is an aggregated estimate of the total labeled inventory collected by blood centers in the United States; the estimate is weighted using data from the CDC’s National Blood Collection and Utilization Survey. Most hospital-based blood centers are not part of this analysis.

What does the number of days available mean? If the number of days on hand is high, does that mean my donation isn’t needed?

Every blood donation is needed. This graph is one of many data points used to assess the state of the blood supply. Because this represents an aggregated national estimate, it does not account for regional conditions. There could very well be a shortage in your area. If you would like to give blood, you should contact your local blood center and work with them to schedule an appointment for a donation. Scheduling appointments helps centers manage their inventories and ensure that patient needs are being met year-round.

AABB encourages those who are eligible to donate blood or blood components regularly to ensure that this lifesaving resource is available for patients whenever and wherever it is needed.

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