Global Pay It Forward Day 2024

Who comes to your mind when you think about someone who played a special part in shaping your life or career?

Perhaps it was a trusted colleague, loyal friend, loved one or devoted teacher who inspired and guided you through rewarding or challenging times you faced.

If you were to ask me this same question, I'd say Dr. Alberto Sols.

When I started in the field many years ago, Dr. Sols, professor and chair of biochemistry and director of the Institute of Enzymology of the Spanish National Council of Research in the Autonomous University of Madrid, was my mentor.

And just as you are grateful for the support you have received from that special person in your life, I too am thankful for the guidance of Dr. Sols and others who made a personal and professional impact on my life and career development.

This year, please join me in celebrating these important figures in our lives for Global Pay It Forward Day on April 28. On this day, people and organizations worldwide unite with one common goal: to simply “pay it forward.”

Many in our field - me included - pass on the personal acts of kindness and caring we received from those who are close to us by giving a tribute donation to the AABB Foundation in our mentor’s name to show our appreciation and gratitude.

This is a wonderful way to pay it forward in honor or memory of someone important to you. All Pay It Forward Day donations to the AABB Foundation will help support innovative research for the patients and donors whose lives are impacted every day by advances in transfusion medicine and biotherapies.

In recognition of your generosity, your honoree will be acknowledged online along with your personal message of support (if you wish), and you will be listed as a financial donor.

Make sure someone important to you is recognized for Global Pay It Forward Day for the influential role they had, or continue to have, in your life.

Click here to share their story with your tribute donation.

Jose Cancelas, MD, PhDSincerely,

Jose A. Cancelas, MD, PhD, CABP
President, AABB Foundation Board of Directors
Vice President, AABB Board of Directors

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Making a tribute gift for Global Pay It Forward Day to recognize someone important in your life or career is a touching gesture. Every gift you give goes towards the AABB Foundation mission of fueling innovative research to advance treatments and care for millions of lives worldwide.