PLasma Antibody Network (PLAN)

AABB’s PLasma Antibody Network (PLAN), a network of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving research and implementation of strategies related to antibody therapies, including convalescent plasma, monoclonal antibodies, hyperimmune globulin and polyclonal reagents. PLAN’s members comprise researchers, clinicians, manufacturers, blood collectors, plasma collectors, government officials and other public health representatives.

The group’s core purpose is to advance the development of antibody therapies, thus supporting potential new treatment options for patients. PLAN works to achieve this by supporting multidisciplinary coordination and collaboration for research, best practices and preparedness efforts regarding antibody therapies. This work will help ensure that health care providers will be able to respond more effectively and rapidly to future public health emergencies and provide optimal treatments for patients in need.

The group holds regular meetings for members to connect, share the state of the science of antibody therapies, identify challenges, and explore opportunities to advance the field.

Join PLAN Now

PLAN membership is available to AABB members. If you’re not already a member, join AABB now by selecting your membership type on AABB’s Membership page and following the subsequent steps. If you need assistance, please contact AABB’s Member Services Department at or +1.866.222.2498.

AABB members can join the PLAN subsection through the AABB website. To join, please log in to “My Account” and navigate My Profile>Subsections>Edit to Add/Remove Subsections. For assistance, contact AABB’s Member Services Department.


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