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AABB individual membership includes health care professionals working in all aspects of the field. Whether seasoned experts or at the beginning of their careers, AABB health care members share a common goal of improving donor and patient lives by making transfusion medicine and biotherapies safe, available, and effective.

Let AABB be your professional home and community in which you can network, mentor and collaborate.

Advance With AABB Membership

  • Connect with other professionals working in transfusion medicine and biotherapies throughout the world
  • Discover opportunities for collaboration and innovation
  • Mentor early-stage colleagues to help advance their careers
  • Become a leader in the field through AABB volunteer opportunities

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Membership Costs

One-Year Membership: $170
Three-Year Membership: $440

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Emerging Economy E-Membership

Individuals residing in a designated medium or low Human Development Index (HDI) country may be eligible for a discount.

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Kathleen Hopping

"As an AABB Member, you have the power to innovate in the biotherapies world by sharing your work and building upon the work of others. While sharing your best practices, you will also gain new skills, knowledge and experience along the way."

- Kathleen Hopping