AABB Non-Accredited Institutional (NAI)

This membership category is open to facilities and organizations that are currently not AABB-accredited. Non-accredited institutional members enjoy access to AABB's online educational and networking resources, as well as subscriptions to electronic and print publications. This type of membership is ideal for facilities that may be working toward AABB accreditation or planning to do so in the future.

To become an AABB Non-Accredited member organization, complete the NAI Application and return it to membership@aabb.org. For more information, call AABB Member Services at 301.907.6977.

Key Member Type Benefits

Non-accredited institutional members enjoy many key AABB benefits, including:

  • One professional membership (institutional contact)
  • Voting rights for your institution (one voting delegate)
  • Two new professional members at a 20% discount (new members only)
  • Member pricing to all AABB educational offerings, including the AABB Annual Meeting, online education, courses, certificates and publications for the institutional contact
  • One subscription (print and digital) to Transfusion Journal and AABB News
  • Access to Weekly Report and AABB News Flash for the institutional contact
  • Access to the AABB Community members-only forum
  • Access to member-only content on AABB's website (institutional contact)
  • Institutional contact is eligible to serve on an AABB committee
  • And more

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