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The AABB National Blood Foundation offers the transfusion medicine and cellular therapies community, as well as others, several ways to contribute and invest in the future of the industry improving patient safety worldwide. All donations are tax deductible.

Our generous donors are acknowledged annually in AABB News, on the NBF website, and are invited to the NBF Reception that occurs during the AABB Annual Meeting.

Monthly Recurring Donations!
New this year and in response to the growing demand from donors – NBF now offers a monthly recurring donation option. This provides our donors with a convenient method of establishing an automatic donation that is evenly deducted throughout the year. One time set-up and cancel anytime. Simply check the box within any of the donation forms prior to submitting your gift. Please call the NBF to cancel.

National Blood Foundation

AABB’s National Blood Foundation (NBF), established in 1983, serves the fields of transfusion medicine and cellular therapies through grant making, educational offerings and industry leadership engagement and recognition.

NBF encourages innovation through our early-career scientific research grants program that supplements AABB’s mission to further develop transfusion medicine, cellular therapies and regenerative medicine science. For over thirty years our early-career grant program has funded more than 200 investigators – many are now subject matter experts and leaders in their fields.

NBF’s recognition programs acknowledge prior NBF grant recipients annually. Our Hall of Fame recognizes lifetime achievement leaders who contribute to the field and scientific investigators are acknowledged through the Scholar Program.

By convening clinical and research leaders along with industry executives, NBF supports critical conversations among industry manufacturers, providers, and patient advocates. These conversations can spark innovation, enhance the exchange of ideas and confirm priorities.

Your contribution to the NBF helps us advance transfusion medicine and cellular therapies by helping to support the future leaders of the field and by providing opportunities for education and knowledge transfer. All donations are tax deductible. 501(c)(3) tax ID #36-2384118.

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National Blood Foundation Research and Education Trust

AABB's National Blood Foundation (NBF) and the National Blood Foundation Research and Education Trust Fund (NBFRET) are partners in providing a critical funding source for grant opportunities. Contributors to the NBFRET enable the foundation to continue its research and education initiatives in the field as well as grow its early-career Scientific Research Grants Program, encouraging early-career researchers to dedicate their professional lives to improving transfusion medicine, cellular therapies, and patient blood management. All donations are tax deductible (52-2059102).

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Sally Frank Memorial Fund

The Sally Frank Memorial Award and Lectureship was established in 1982 in memory of Sally Frank and her dedication to red cell serology and education. This award recognizes an individual who is, or has been a medical technologist involved with these fields and can speak on a topic related to red cell serology. In 2005, the Sally Frank award was expanded to include recipients who have demonstrated quality research, teaching and/or service abilities in the technical aspects of immunohematology. Since 2011, this award is given annually and your contribution supports the funding of this award to a worthy recipient. All donations are tax deductible (52-2059102).

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Tibor Greenwalt Memorial Fund

The Tibor Greenwalt Memorial Award and Lectureship honors Tibor Greenwalt, MD, who was the first registrant at the first AABB Annual Meeting and founding editor of "Transfusion." The award recognizes an individual who made major scientific or clinical contributions to hematology, transfusion medicine or cellular therapies, and succinctly communicated these advances. The Tibor Greenwalt Memorial Award and Lectureship is presented annually. All donations are tax deductible (52-2059102).

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For more information, please contact the NBF at +1.301.215.6552.

Our strength as an organization comes from you, and your support is imperative to the Foundation’s future success. We are thankful we can count on you to continue reaching our mutual goals. 

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