AABB Monthly Platelet and Group O Survey

Monthly Platelet and Group O Survey Project

Building on the success of the AABB COVID-19 Hospital Transfusions Service Surveys, conducted in 2020 and 2021, AABB is building out a robust data infrastructure to better capture important information about the strength and stability of the blood supply and about the practice of transfusion medicine.

This project was born from discussions about the challenges in evaluating the state of the blood supply, particularly with platelets and group O red blood cell components, due to the absence of reliable data. To identify a potential solution, AABB created a working group that develop a survey instrument to collect basic collection and utilization information on platelet and Group O RBC numbers. The goal is to identify trends in collection, utilization, and to capture the frequency and impact of shortages or of spikes in use on the blood supply.

Below is an interactive report from the survey with basic metrics to identify trends in collection, utilization. We hope that, over time, the survey results will evolve and be an important source of data for AABB members and the larger transfusion community. The more data we collect, the better the information we can provide. If a facility is interested in participating, or if there are any questions regarding this information, please contact Srijana Rajbhandary at srajbhandary@aabb.org.

Click the graph below to view interactive report:

Monthly Platelet and Group O Survey Project Thumbnail