Zika Virus Biovigilance Network

The Zika Virus (ZIKV) Biovigilance Network collects and reports data on the number of blood donors in the United States with suspected ZIKV infection and maps this to geographical locations. Data are collected from those blood collection organizations in the United States that are screening some or all of their blood donors for Zika virus infection using one of two available investigational nucleic acid tests (NAT) approved for this use by the FDA. Reporting these data to the AABB is a voluntary activity.

This section includes a map showing locations where ZIKV-reactive donors have been identified and reported; background on the development of this electronic surveillance system; and a password-protected area for reporting of test results.

This map shows ZIKV-reactive blood donors by residential postal code of the donor in the United States that have been reported by collection organizations performing testing and participating in this Network. Each pinpoint shown on this map represents the center of the residential postal code of the ZIKV-reactive donor, and not the specific address or location of any individual or facility. As multiple reactive donors are reported for any zip code, the pinpoint on the map will grow larger. Please note the toggle to see all reported donations, confirmed reactive donations only, or unconfirmed donations views. Participating organizations report suspected reactive donations as they occur. Not all blood collection organizations screen their donors for ZIKV and/or participate in the Network. Therefore, areas on the map with no pinpoints are not necessarily ZIKV-free.

U.S. Map: ZIKV-Reactive Blood Donors by Postal Code

ZIKV Blood Donor Data Collection and Reports

ZIKV Blood Donor Data Collection (password-protected)
ZIKV Blood Donor Data Reports (password-protected)


This new initiative related to Zika Virus Biovigilance was developed in response to the public health emergency posed by Zika and is part of AABB’s mission to improve patient safety with respect to transfusion medicine.

This tool is intended to disseminate information to blood collecting organizations and transfusion medicine professionals, persons interested in Zika virus epidemiology, and the general public. The resource is intended to support public health agencies, blood collection organizations and transfusion services. It is not intended to supplant or replace public health agency data collection, or to predict the occurrence, frequency or location of ZIKV infection.

This electronic resource is the third in a series of AABB donor infectious disease biovigilance electronic monitoring systems; existing systems are the West Nile Virus (developed and launched in 2006) and Chagas (developed and launched in 2007) Biovigilance Networks.

The data posted on this website are provided by third parties and are not verified by AABB. Accordingly, AABB makes no guarantee or promise that the data are current, valid, or accurate. No content on this site is intended to constitute professional advice, whether medical, legal or otherwise. AABB expressly disclaims any liability or loss that may arise either directly or indirectly from relying on the information, services or other material on this site.

Reporting organizations that are HIPAA-compliant should report only patient data that has been de-identified in accordance with HIPAA de-identification standards. AABB is not responsible for reporting organizations’ compliance with federal, state or local laws or regulations.


AABB Zika Virus Information
Association Bulletin #16-07 - Updated Recommendations for Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya Viruses
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ZIKA Virus Biovigilance Network Training Guide (PDF)

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