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Donor Hemovigilance

AABB's donor hemovigilance efforts focus primarily on education, collaboration with other international organizations, and projects undertaken by the AABB Donor Hemovigilance Working Group.

Severity Grading Tool for Donor Adverse Events

Severity Grading Tool for Donor Adverse EventsIn January 2018, a sub-group of the AABB Donor Hemovigilance Working Group undertook the task of developing the Severity Grading Tool for Donor Adverse Events to enhance objective assignment of Donor Adverse Events (DAE) severity. The severity assignment tool is designed to be used with the Standard for Surveillance of Complications Related to Blood Donation by ISBT/AABB/IHN. The tool aims to avoid terms such as mild, moderate and severe that could set a blood collector up for legal action if a donor has an adverse event that is considered "severe." It is patterned after an established clinical severity scale, Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE1) v 5.0, which rates severity by Grades 1-5 with 1 through 5 being roughly associated with mild, moderate, severe, life-threatening and death; reactions of Grade 3 or higher would be classed as "serious" in donor adverse event reporting systems.

The Draft Severity Assignment Tool was formally presented to meetings of AABB, ISBT and IHN in 2018 to solicit feedback. Comments and recommendations were incorporated into the draft which was submitted for validation testing. Thirty-two real-world cases representing different categories of DAE and varying degrees of severity were selected to test the Severity Grading Tool. Validation study took place between January 8 and February 28, 2019. Post the validation study, modifications were made to the Grading Tool for clarification. The revised tool was presented at the 2019 ISBT meeting and 2019 AABB Annual Meeting.

The working sub-group is seeking your comment and feedback. Please use the link to provide your feedback.

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2012-2017 Donor Hemovigilance Highlights

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