Global Services

Global ServicesAABB's Global Services focuses on helping strengthening transfusion medicine and biotherapies programs throughout the world. AABB upholds a strong tradition of forging long-lasting relationships with international organizations and transfusion medicine and biotherapies associations to advance the shared goals of making transfusion medicine and biotherapies safe, available and effective worldwide. AABB Global Services work includes training, development of clinical guidelines and country-specific standards, and outreach to ministries of health.

Coming Soon: Quality Certificate

The AABB Quality Certificate will launch as a collaborative effort between AABB and the Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine (AATM) and AABB. The Certificate is based on the adoption of AABB’s Fundamental Standards, which pave the way to enable facilities in limited-resource settings to start adhering to AABB standards. Contact us about the Quality Certificate.

Global Relationships

AABB partners with many international transfusion medicine and biotherapies organizations to help advance patient and donor safety worldwide. Below are the names of those associations, as well as links to the resources these organizations are making available during the COVID-19 pandemic.

International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT)

Africa Society for Blood Transfusion (AfSBT)

Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion (CSBT)

Global Blood Fund (GBF)

Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine (AATM)

Saudi Society of Transfusion Medicine

Grupo Cooperativo Iberoamericano de Medicina Transfusional (GCIAMT)