AABB is now accepting nominations for the 2021-22 AABB Memorial Awards cycle.

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2020 AABB Memorial Awards Ceremony

On December 3, AABB recognized the 2020 AABB Memorial Awards, President's Awards, and RISE Awards recipients. View the recorded Awards Ceremony above.

AABB also recognized Harvey Alter, MD, longtime AABB member and renowned leader in the field of transfusion medicine, who was recently awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. AABB invites you to share a testimony of how Dr. Alter impacted the field of transfusion medicine and your professional life.

View the 2020 Memorial Award Lectures

AABB celebrates the immense contributions of members of the blood and biotherapies community through our prestigious Awards program. Every year, AABB presents a variety of Awards to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to AABB and the field of transfusion medicine and biotherapies.

The individuals honored here have shown dedication to the field of transfusion medicine and biotherapies and have made significant contributions to advancing the field and improving the lives of patients and donors. AABB applauds their contributions and recognizes their important impacts on the field.

Beth Shaz, MD

“AABB’s Memorial Awards recognize individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the transfusion medicine and biotherapies communities. Throughout the history of AABB’s Memorial Awards program, many remarkable and influential leaders have been celebrated for their roles in advancing our field.”

— Beth Shaz, MD
AABB Past President