2021 AABB Awards

2021 Award Lectureships

The AABB Awards have been bestowed for decades as a way to recognize and pay tribute to members of our community whose work will have a lasting impact on the field.

AABB is proud to present lectureships from the recipients of this year’s distinguished AABB Memorial Award recipients. Please click the links below to view each recipient’s presentation.

2021 Karl Landsteiner Memorial Award and Lectureship
Anneke Brand, MD, PhD
Professor of Transfusion Medicine
Leiden University Medical Center

For her pioneering work on the immunological effects of blood transfusions, particularly on the role of leukocytes in blood products and their ability to modulate immunity.

2021 Tibor Greenwalt Memorial Award And Lectureship
Donald L. Siegel, PhD, MD
Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Director, Division of Transfusion Medicine & Therapeutic Pathology
Director, Fellowship Program in Transfusion Medicine
Director, Clinical Cell & Vaccine Production Facility
Center for Advanced Cellular Therapies
Perelman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania

For his development and pioneering use of antibody phage display and of antibody and chimeric antigen receptor T cell constructs in transfusion medicine and related disciplines, including autoimmune disease, dermatology, infectious disease and cancer.

2021 Emily Cooley Memorial Award and Lectureship
Heather Hume MD, FRCPC
Hematologist, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine
Clinical Professor
Dept of Pediatrics, University of Montreal

For her instrumental work in spearheading the development of a transfusion medicine fellowship training program and guideline development of best practice recommendations for the transfusion of blood components and immunoglobulin therapy and for her leadership in translating the essentials of best transfusion practices to low-resource settings.

2021 Sally Frank Memorial Award and Lectureship
Connie M. Westhoff, SBB, PhD
Executive Scientific Director
New York Blood Center

For her extensive academic achievements and outstanding track record in teaching and service in the field of immunohematology.

2021 Hemphill-Jordan Leadership Award
Dana Devine, PhD
Chief Scientist, Canadian Blood Services
Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of British Columbia

For her extensive contributions in transfusion medicine, particularly in the areas of administration, quality programs, and law/government affairs. Dr. Devine created an integrated research program with strong ties to government and academic sectors. This model also included direct support for trainees, including PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, and transfusion medicine residents/fellows.

Harvey Alter Tribute

On June 14, AABB hosted a virtual event to honor Harvey J. Alter, MD, a member of the AABB community who received the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his contributions to the discovery of the hepatitis C virus. During the event, members of the blood community paid tribute to Dr. Alter and celebrated his monumental career.

AABB celebrates the immense contributions of members of the blood and biotherapies community through our prestigious Awards program. Every year, AABB presents a variety of Awards to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to AABB and the field of transfusion medicine and biotherapies.

The individuals honored here have shown dedication to the field of transfusion medicine and biotherapies and have made significant contributions to advancing the field and improving the lives of patients and donors. AABB applauds their contributions and recognizes their important impacts on the field.

Beth Shaz, MD

“AABB’s Memorial Awards recognize individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the transfusion medicine and biotherapies communities. Throughout the history of AABB’s Memorial Awards program, many remarkable and influential leaders have been celebrated for their roles in advancing our field.”

— Beth Shaz, MD
AABB Past President