Committees & Sections

AABB's committees and sections are comprised of dedicated members who volunteer their time to help advance the field. AABB's committees are vital to the success of our community. By volunteering to participate in a committee or subsection, members have an opportunity to learn, connect with like-minded professionals and help to advance the field.

Below is a list of committees and subsections that are open to our members for volunteer opportunities.


AABB offers dozens of Committees focusing on specific activities of the Association and the blood and biotherapies community. Whatever your interest, there is a committee for you.

Learn more about our committees: 2023-24 Committee Purposes/Charges/Personnel

Board-level Committees

  • Audit and Ethics Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Nominating Committee

Accreditation and Standards Committees

  • Accreditation Program Committee
    • Blood Banks and Transfusion Services Accreditation Committee
    • Cellular Therapies Accreditation Committee
    • Education Advisory Accreditation Committee
    • Immunohematology Reference Laboratories Accreditation Committee
    • Molecular Testing Laboratories Accreditation Committee
    • Patient Blood Management Accreditation Committee
    • Perioperative Accreditation Committee
    • Relationship Testing Accreditation Committee
  • Standards Program Committee
    • Blood Banks and Transfusion Services Standards Committee
    • Cellular Therapies Standards Committee
    • Committee to Evaluate International Variances
    • Global Standards Committee
    • Immunohematology Reference Laboratories Standards Committee
    • Molecular Testing Laboratories Standards Committee
    • Out of Hospital and Prehospital Standards Committee
    • Patient Blood Management Standards Committee
    • Perioperative Standards Committee
    • Relationship Testing Standards Committee

AABB Committees/Working Groups/Task Forces/Coordinating Committees (Non-Accreditation or Standards)

  • AABB-ISCT Joint Working Group
  • AABB/THOR Joint Working Group
  • Awards Committee
  • Annual Meeting Education Committee
  • Cellular Therapies Section Coordinating Committee
  • Circular of Information for Cellular Therapy Products Task Force
  • Circular of Information Task Force
  • Clinical Transfusion Medicine Committee
  • Coding and Reimbursement Committee
  • DEIA Committee
  • Donor Health and Safety Committee
  • Donor Hemovigilance Working Group
  • Donor History Task Force
  • Education Program Committee (Committee on hold for 2023-24)
  • eLearning Committee
  • FDA Liaison Committee
  • Hemovigilance Committee
  • Information Systems Committee
  • Interorganizational Task Force on Domestic Disasters and Acts of Terrorism
  • Membership Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Public Policy Strategy Committee
  • Regulatory Affairs Committee
  • Selection of Abstracts Committee
  • Social Media Committee
  • Transfusion Medicine Section Coordinating Committee
  • Transfusion Transmitted Diseases Committee
    • Arbovirus Work Group
    • Babesia and Other Tick-Borne Diseases Work Group
    • Bacterial Contamination Work Group
    • Emerging Infectious Diseases Work Group
    • Hepatitis E Virus Work Group
  • Uniform Donor History – HPC Task Force


AABB's Sections are devoted to key areas of the field. Members participate in the subsections to assist in the development of new resources, to connect with other members who have a shared interest, and to help advance the field.


If you are an individual member, you can join interest-specific subsections. Subsections provide an opportunity for you to engage in a member group to connect with your peers

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